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Sharda peeth is said to be where the texts written by Panini and other grammarians were stored. It is said in the Prabhavakacarita that when Jain scholar Hemachandra was commissioned by Jayasimha, King of Gurjaradesa ( present – day eastern Rajasthan and northern Gujarat ) to write the Siddhahema .

Hemachandra visited Sharada Peeth for access to previous works on grammar , as it was the only place with a library known to have all such works available in their complete form.

It is a central Shakti Peeth which gives direction to all other peethas , It is the orgin of the shankaracharya tradition and it is the only place in the word which awards Jagatguru title .

Kashmir was sometimes referred to as the Sharada Desh , or ” Sharada country ” , because of the significance of the Sharada temple and the associated institution of learning. Sanatan dharmis believe that Sharada in Kashmir is a tripartite embodiment of the goddess Shakti: Sharada ( goddess of learning) Saraswati ( goddess of the knowledge) ,and Vagdevi ( goddess of speech, which articulates power ) . It is at this temple that Shankaracharya received the right to sit on the Sarvanjnanapeetham or Sarvajna peetha ( Thorne of wisdom) .The first verse of ‘ Prapanchsar’ composed by Adi
Shankaracharya is devoted to the praise of the temple’s goddess , Sri Sharada Devi.

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